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With a background in customer service and technology, I felt the need to pursue a career that I could truly make a difference in the lives of others. After reviewing multiple avenues, I decided that a career in medical massage therapy was the direction for me. Graduating from Blue Herron Academy in 2015, I have been working to transition from my full-time role in the technology industry to my dream job of working with people to create a lasting result in how patients feel in their daily lives.

A lifelong athlete from youth and collegiate water polo, triathlons, and Crossfit, as well as a family background in medical care, I am obsessed with making sure patients receive the best possible results from our sessions. From getting your best workout, to just feeling better in the office tomorrow.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than creating a measurable impact in correcting those trouble spots that life seems to throw at us.


To keep you performing at your best

Medical Massage

Increase range of motion, decrease pain, and remove adhesions that form during our everyday lives.
Medical Massage can include any of the following services as well:

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Through the use of theraputic cups, we can break down adhesions, and remove toxins that our body stores.

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Thumper Massage

Massage therapy to promote lymphatic drainage and movement of fluid

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